Louie Laskowski

  Paint on Quilts
  Dress Series
  Garden Goddess
  The Pink House
  Squawking Bird
  One of a Kind
  Spirit's Dimension
  Under the Wallpaper

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Louie Laskowski's vivid, colorful work is both narrative and figurative. She explores gender identity using personal story and image. Often humorous, it takes you by the hand, and tells its enchanting stories. Her brushwork, transformation of everyday objects into icons, and eccentric frames all conspire to create the "Laskowski experience."

Click on any picture below to view a sampling of works in that series. Artist's comments appear at the end of each page, following the work.

In The Dress Series real dresses are 
fused to canvas and painted.
The Dress Series

Colorful images
of goddesses and flowers.
Garden Goddesses
Hand Colored Polarcolor Image Transfers from Photographic Slides

The trauma of a
teenge girl's life in Dayton, Ohio.
The Pink House

Squawking Bird is 
the artist's alter-ego.
Squawking Bird
Oil Monotypes

She's One of a Kind 
explores feelings shared by all women.
She's One of a Kind
Watercolor Monotypes

Juxtapositions which are often humorous. 
The crow is a stong figure for the artist.
A Spirit's Dimension

Under the Wallpaper 
uses wallpaper as a metaphor for time.
Under the Wallpaper

Paint on quilts.
Paint on Quilts

Louie Laskowski Studio
P.O. Box 428
307 Railroad Street
Brookston, IN 47923
(765) 563-6577

E-mail: louie@dcwi.com

[IAC LOGO] LOUIE LASKOWSKI is an Indiana Arts Commission Fellowship Recipient

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