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IRAA No: LL-4-14-1947-1

Watercolor Monotypes

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She Just Had to Get Out of the House, 9" x 12"
Collection of Natalie Leimkuhler

She Hesitates Not, 12" x 9", $250

She Dances at Full Moon and Fish Fly, 12" x 9"
Collection of Nancy Stivers and Mark Loomis

She pushes her Cart from the Newsstand to the Library, 9" x 12", $250

Over Late Night Tea, 9" x 12"
Collection of Deborah Maguire

Feeding the Birds, 9" x 12"
Collection of Jay Anderson

The Gardener, 12" x 9"
Collection of Matt Hand

"She's One of a Kind" is the title of this exhibit which shows images relating to women. They are prints made with watercolors painted on plexiglass. This is a one of a kind printing process, monotypes, where hand made paper and the watercolor plate are sent through a press. After the prints are made, I continue to hand color the surface, enhancing areas.

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